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Miamibloco Features 40 Percussionists Playing Samba

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On Memorial Day, Monday, May 29 , Miamibloco will host its third season of the Saideira Social. The 6 -10 pm event at The Miami Beach Bandshell will feature over 40 percussionists playing samba throughout. suOm Francis, Miamibloco’s Operations Director, hopped on to the Jitney to explain a bit more about what audiences can expect.

What is Miamibloco?

suOm Francis: We are a local non profit, intergenerational Samba Percussion community founded in 2017 open to people of all socio-economic backgrounds and experience levels, that turns Afro Brazilian rhythms into the cultural glue that binds Miami’s unique diverse communities together and helps people connect, learn, and  for a more joyful and equitable Miami through percussion performances, and education. We offer experiential workshops for children and adults, beginner and intermediate courses (Bateria Academy), and the advanced more committed Bateria Saideira program, which is also the performance group.

What can audiences expect from Saideira Social on Memorial Day?

A Memorial Day  party unlike any other! Inspired in Brazil and authentically Miami. This season we are unveiling a unique collaboration between Carioca Samba and  Moroccan Gnawa music;  we are taking rhythmic adventure from the vibrant streets of Hialeah to Morocco, and the sun-kissed beaches of Rio and Bahia.

The show will be non-stop music from 6-10PM  and everyone is a headliner! A samba de roda, Afro Caribbean selections by  DJ KUMI, and the dynamic Bateria Saideira of over 40 percussionists on stage backing up a line up made up of the most eclectic musicians in the local and international scene performing original songs across genres from experimental to traditional Samba, arranged for percussion by Miamibloco. We are also premiering our second collaboration with Munir Hossn, and the first-ever composed Samba Enredo for Miami, a theme-song celebrating the  beautiful diversity that makes up the 305.

The line up:  Samir Langus (Morocco),  Munir Hossn, Brian Potts, Jason Matthews & DJ Le Spam, Rose Max & Ramatis Moraes, OIGO,  Nilo Verano, DJ KUMI, Brasoul, Pagode de Mesa.

The concert is a culmination of months of workshops. What went on in the workshops?

The community workshops are part of Miamibloco’s outreach, where we  provide professional drums,  cultural context, and instruction for people of all levels and backgrounds to get an introduction on how to have conversations through their instruments within an hour.  We begin by using our voices, clapping parts  and learning the basics of rhythmic integrity before we play on the drums. The result is a satisfying groove, and a cohesive and dynamic sound where everyone involved is able to feel the joy of playing music in an ensemble, where each person is tuned into themselves, their instrument section, and feels the role they play in the collective sound. The Bateria Academy is an immersive 8 week experience where you really get into instrument technique, more complex rhythms and learn how to practice.

What else can we expect from Miamibloco for the rest of 2023?

Miamibloco teaching season will be back in the Fall.  Our season usually runs from September to Mid December, followed by another show.  We will have more details and opportunities to engage for the rest of the year, announced to our mailing list and website:

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