Mold! on Their Brand New Self-Titled Album

On Saturday, September 9 Miami rock band Mold! are putting out a ten song self-titled record. Made up of guitarist Carlo Barbacci, bassist Bronto Montano , and drummer Frankie Lujan the album Mold! strives to be a rock and roll narration of the immigrant experience.  Carlo Barbacci and Bronto Montano hopped on to the Jitney to tell us a little more about the album and the record release party September 16 at Gramps.

How did Mold! first get together as a band?

Carlo: Mold! Started after the migration of me and Bronto in 2017. We knew each other back in Peru, hang out a little but we started making music together here. It was a little bit imminent that was gonna happen.

How has living in Miami influenced you musically?

Carlo: Miami’s punk scene is amazing and as soon as I went to my first show here (which was at Gramps actually) I instantly was moved by what the bands were doing and I decided that’s the music I wanted to make here.

Bronto: Hard to describe. It does a lot.

What inspired and influenced  your new self-titled record?

Carlo: We wrote these songs channeling our ups and downs as immigrants in USA. We were probably mostly inspired by the sound we have as a band, we wanted to make a record that is all about our sound, and I guess that’s why the album is self titled.

Can you walk us through the process of writing and recording the songs on Mold!?

Carlo: The process for this particular album was first we have jam sessions, then we take what we like and we build a song structure, then we polish our parts and record them again. Once we have the demos, we rehearsed for probably six months twice a week with Frankie on drums. Then we went to Ryan Haft and we re-record everything professionally, then at another studio we recorded vocals, keys, rhythm guitars, then Ryan Mixed it and Carl Saff mastered it.

What can we expect from your album release party at Gramps on September 16?

Carlo: Definitely among the best local shows of the year. We will have records and T-shirts.

Bronto: Y’all can expect a fun night with our favorite bands from Miami. We have very special guests WRONG (members of Psychic Mirrors, Torche, Capsule), Palomino Blond, Frogs Show Mercy. Music will be from 7pm to 11 on a Saturday. Tickets are only $15 but will go up to $25 on the day of. Lot of alcohol, pizza and a sweaty night.

Got any other plans for the rest of 2023 you want to share?

Carlo: Doing a bunch of touring, some local shows too, iii points. Also we’re very focused on the pre-production of the next album.

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