Piano Slam Celebrates Fifteen Years of Young Poets

Wednesday,  April 19 at 7:30 pm at the Knight Concert Hall at the Arsht Center, Piano Slam celebrates its 15th year. Young poets from local middle and high schools will recite their poems accompanied by Piano Duo Spektra and Afrobeta. For more information click here.

Below enjoy poetry by two young poets who will perform at Piano Slam.


The Clouds and The Sky, In Light and Shade, A Celestial  Duet with Importance and Equality  

Derick Nunez, 6th grade,  Lawton Chiles Middle   

Oh, what dynamics come from the outside world, flying in through the open balcony door is
The fanfare of the air currents crashing and rushing into each other,
Opening the balcony door, you can hear what harmony comes from the clouds above,
The elegance and vocals of the wind’s romantic, celestial hymn, like the song of the heavenly gods above,
Although, sorrow flows whenever darkness floods and light goes away,
The melody from the guardians above, guiding the zephyr and creating happiness all around, but sorrowfully,
Always interrupted at one point by the crashing interlude of the rain, That always creates a magnificent crescendo for darkness, and a decrescendo for the divine light,

Like the chorus of a play singing in harmony and ensemble interrupted by injury or accident, or disaster or cataclysm,
the unevenness of the light in the sky and the shade in the gray clouds.
is like my longing lament for the interlude of the freezing rain,
the gap between gray clouds and clear, bright skies,
the duet of cloud and sky, light and shade, dancing an intertwined ensemble,
like the intervals between darkness and brightness, or the rhyme of a poem and a story,
like the metronome of a song and its harmonic notes full of elegance,
creating a crescendo in the lofty, celestial light after the cold, frosty rain, and the ghastly clouds,
and the slow tempo of this very long day, ends with the coda of the gloomy, dark storm.

The Burning city

Hailey Breitung, 6th grade, Hialeah Gardens Middle 
The trees are dying,  
While construction is thriving.   
Cars humming with harmony  
But the people roam with unused money   
And no desire to help this city.  
The more pollution we create,   
The hotter the city becomes.   
One day we will all cry,  
“I wish we could clean the beaches.”  
Soon enough the time will come   
When we will cry for better weather.  
But it will be too late.  
Now there’s a new open gate,  
A gate spewing fire and destruction.  
While we listen to jazz,   
Earth will be in a spazz.  
We won’t be on tempo anymore   
While every person wonders,   
What’s the new memo?  
All it takes is one can   
To cause a commotion   
In the Miami ocean.  
We are the city that burns.  
All we yearn for is some nice weather.  
The less we care  
The less awareness we spread.  
Soon we won’t have any sympathy left for Earth.  
Why won’t we understand this is no joke?  
We have to hurry before earth’s fever gets too high.   
After this, there might not be any homes,  
Not even a place to live in this so-called best city  
Soon, we will want to turn back,   
But there will be no point.  
No one will want to help.   
Maybe one day we will learn   
Before this city burns.
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