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Postface Were Truly South Florida’s Own Butthole Surfers

“Don’t quote me…” is one of the first things Greg Johnson from Postface says in our interview. It quickly becomes abundantly clear that it will be impossible to proceed without inviting lawsuits, bad feelings and certain damnation. This intrepid journalist decided instead to track down any exes, illegitimate children, dead pets or past prison pals who might hold forth about Postface. All politely said “hell no,” certain that any association with the band would be trouble.

Luckily, one person scoffed at the law, the Devil and polite society in order to talk good times in bad places with shady people: Fausto Figueredo, drum lord of South Florida, who played alongside Postface with his band LOAD all through the ’90s.

“Those guys came from Pittsburgh, they could have moved anywhere, Miami, Fort Lauderdale but they all landed in Deerfield Beach,” Figueredo confided. “ … they were truly South Florida’s own Butthole Surfers!”

He continued: “LOAD and Postface were connected at the hip in the ’90s … when we started playing with each other, we made them harder and they made us weirder … they should have been huge, but they were just too weird, I guess? Postface was my favorite band of that era, best band of the ’90s.”

What we do know, based on an FBI file procured using the Freedom of Information Act, Postface do now and have consisted of the aforementioned Johnson as well as Steve “Wolfie” Johnson, Ricky Ambrose and Bosky “the Wooden Dynamo” since 1989. According to somewhat reliable sources, Postface are a very positive band started with a specific group of people that will continue on ad infinitum. Reportedly, they have over 400 songs to cull from for this rare public sighting yet they’ve decided to do a completely new set for Bumblefest. Or maybe not? Off the record, Bigfoot’s attorney says these guys might sometimes embellish but they always show up. And on a final note, “The more you chew it, the thicker it gets.” Greg said I could quote him on that.

This article originally appeared in PureHoney Magazine. Check them out here.

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