Rocky Horror Invades Arsht Center

One of my earliest memories as a child was going to the movies with my father in the 70s. My dad had a habit of yelling and throwing popcorn at the screen when he saw something in the movie that was unbelievable, so boy was I right at home the first time I saw a midnight screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

It was the early 90s in Coconut Grove when I’d lose “my Rocky Horror virginity.”

A Rocky Horror virgin is what you are labeled when you first experience the ‘time warp’ for yourself. After popping my scary cherry I felt a change in me. In the immortal words of Frank-N-Furter “nothing would ever be the same.”

Since that faithful night I would go on to see Rocky Horror close to 1,000 times. That’s right, a thousand times. With shadow casts in dingy theaters — from Key West to Greenwich Village — but never in a palace like the Adrienne Arsht Center.

Rocky Horror Picture Show at 48 Years Young

I picked up the tickets and began to “shiver with antici-pation.” Would this glorious venue nestled in the heart of Miami be able to transport us to the transsexual Transylvanian?  Would it  touch-a touch-a touch me and make me feel dirty?

On a sultry October night in a packed house filled with  “Unconventional Conventionists” I would soon find out. The night began with an intro from the President of the Rocky Horror fan club and a costume contest with dozens of men dressed like women and women dressed like men and everything in between.

I “lost myself to absolute pleasure” when the original Brad Majors aka Barry Bostwick took the stage to introduce the film. What followed made me fall in love with Rocky Horror all over again, for the thousandth and first time.

The campy cast at the Arsht Center oozed fun, mayhem and a love for the film that was undeniable.

The packed house at the Adrienne Arsht Center showed us that the Rocky Horror Picture Show is not just for the artsy fartsy crowd as they rolled up their fishnet stockings to celebrate the 48th anniversary of this cult classic.

Horror Highlights

The size of the screen and the quality of the sound.

The Arsht Center is by far the best place to see a movie screening. It’s truly a cinematic experience and Rocky Horror was amazing to see on that gigantic screen.

The concession stand.

Meatloaf anyone? The food at Rocky Horror is rather a tender subject, but not as tender as the chicken in their gourmet sandwich’s. I also enjoyed the hummus platter and full bar.

Doing the time warp.

Dancing in the isle at the A.A center  is a pleasure without a flashlight toting usher caroling you back to your seat.

A gathering of the creatures of the night.

From young to old , earthling to alien — everyone was welcomed to one of the “masters affairs”

Natives to the 305 may not be able to afford living Downtown anymore but at least we still have the Arsht Center.

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