Roosevelt Collier Speaks Before Homecoming Show at The Citadel

Roosevelt Collier is a Miami boy who is crushing it all over the US and Europe. More so than even in his home town. He now resides in Kissimmee. So when he comes home to play his pedal steel, it’s not as often, but it is and event that we need to get behind and support. The Dolphins suck, Marlins suck, UM not living up to expectations either, but musically… Roosevelt is our guy.

He’s been collaborating with Grammy award winning bands like Snarky Puppy and sitting in with some of the best touring bands to walk the planet. I caught up with Mr. Collier as he prepares to come home and play one of Miami’s newer venues, The Citadel on Saturday, October 19, at 8 p.m. That place has been red hot and a perfect spot for Roosevelt’s long awaited return

It’s been a while. You’ve been a bit of a road warrior. What’s it been like to take your style of music to the national and world wide level?

Roosevelt Collier: Its been pretty wild… Just being able to touch lives and heal people thru music has always been a dream of mine. Getting to spread my wings around the world and make people happy and experience the culture of the various countries has really been ind blowing.

You’ve been playing Europe a lot lately. Why do you feel they are drawn to your inherently American music? Is it because it’s so inherently American?

Yes I’ve been blessed to have a team behind me to help push the European market. I don’t think its so much of the American music. I think Europe just loves good music in general. Of course being an American musician with a purpose also helps. I’m aiming to help people forget about everything negative going on in their life for the two hours I take the stage.

Do you still believe that Miami can become more of an epicenter for live music?

Of course. I believe its going to take us as a music community to come together and help support each other as a whole in the movement. Why not bring blues and bluegrass together or EDM and funk or jazz and hip hop or salsa and world music together. That’s  just an example of course. One of my dreams has been to open up a Live Music venue in Miami and own the property.

Does the hamburger qualify as a sandwich and why?

Ha..come on man..Listen.If you want a burger , go hit my main man up Chef Frankie over @ The Cafe 72 off 36st… If you want a sandwich , go head over near Calle Ocho or coral way and pick ya poison .. If that don’t satisfy ya, go hit up the King OF Miami  “Trick Daddy” at his new SOULDFOOD restaurant ” Sunday’s ”  in Miami Gardens and get cha belly full….

… So I take it that a burger is not a sandwich then. Well said;)

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