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Quarantine Song of the Week: Rufus Wainwright & “Alone Time”

Rufus Wainwright dropped a new single “Alone Time” on April 24th. It is the latest song off his highly anticipated new album Unfollow the Rules.  The track sounds soft, melodic, even angelic, a perfect April shower’s brings May flowers ballad.

It is our quarantine song of the week.

The video for “Alone Time,” pasted below, is created by award-winning animator Josh Shaffner. It features illustrations by Rufus Wainwright and Shaffner. 

Wainwright is offering fans further solace with his ongoing #Quarantunes series. It is presented each day via his official Instagram HERE and Facebook HERE. The daily videos see the Grammy nominated singer-songwriter performing new songs alongside classic catalog favorites, surprising rarities, and beloved cover versions.

“It is my belief that with everyone and everything, ultimately, all conclusions are about solitude and the acceptance of that fact. That often is a very beautiful realization,” explains Wainwright. “But today, in these dark times, I’m thinking a lot about the thousands of people who, due to COVID-19, are forced to experience intense isolation at the end of their days in order to save others. That must entail incredible fear. This track (Alone Time) is humbly dedicated to them.” 

Rufus Wainwright and Alone Time

Maybe we all need a little alone time, like it or not, but that doesn’t mean we won’t return.

And when we return. When, not if. Maybe we’ll all be better off for it.

Stay safe and be humble.

Take a listen. You just might play it again and again.

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