Scott Yoder Delivers Some Scooter Pie Live

What makes a band want to get in the van, sleep on floors, travel ungodly hours and miles, long for showers, and stretch the limits of body and mind? Scott Yoder has set sail around the US so many times but reckons he’s only made it to Florida seven times. It seems Scott just throws on his hubcap diamond star halo, navigating in his built-for-one personal spaceship. This is no half-lived phantasy. He travels near and far to sing his broken song, drunk on melody. I ask Scott about the road, and he says that on his first tour in 2005 with The Pharmacy, he played at Sweat Records’ original location and what he remembers most that is was “sweaty.”

Scott Yoder comes from the northwest Seattle kind of way, through the canopy of night. He never felt at home, and he tells his story to the microphone. He’s been looking back in blue since 2015, making 4 full-length records and more than a half a dozen EPs. A fool aloof as he withered on Hollywood & Vine, he’s now served us up a delicious scooter pie. The sounds of psychedelic folk and get-it-on glam echo through these oh-so-familiar tunes he writes.

His words seem like you have heard them for years the first time they hit your ears. Reaching back a record to Wither on Hollywood & Vine, “You’ll Never Know” kinda paints it black with “Sugar On Your Lips” staring at a “Silver Screen Starlet”. Wither was a producer and Scott creation in the depths of pandemerica, and Scooter Pie was intentionally made as a band or with full band. Both records are pop, glam, rock gems. Sing-a-longs all night long.

Well, these Muswell Hilbillies find gold in the hills when they hit the stage.

Scott was born to perform and has brought a cast of characters that will deliver these songs all in make up and flash. You’ll find yourself smiling and singing along. So what do these spiders from mars think about how’s it gonna end? I asked Scott about touring and noticed they are not taking a night off in 41 days. He said, “I would play every night of the year if I could.” I guess that means it’s never going to end.

Scott Yoder plays at Bar Nancy on April 11th at 2007 SW 8th Street in Little Havana, then the next night April 12th at Respectable Street in West Palm Beach with my band Mr. Entertainment and the Pookiesmackers and others for the Postcards From Paradise show at 518 Clematis Street, West Palm Beach.

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Steven Toth

Steven Monroe Toth is Mr. Entertainment. Observer of the art and music world plus Florida living.