Seizure Machine on New Animated Music Video “Boss Battle”

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Editor’s Note: In honor of the release of Seizure Machine’s insane new music video “Boss Battle,” we asked the members of that Miami based rap act to explain its origin story. Here’s  fxsnowy (synths) & Marlon Sinvergüenza (vocals) explanation.

fx: Ever since the beginnings of “Seizure Machine”, the idea of an
aggressive song named “Boss Battle” was on the table. Video game music
is a big part of our sound, and we wanted to create a track that felt
like you were in the last level of Donkey Kong, fighting Captain K Rool.
Our first rendition of the “Boss Battle” idea was composed for the video
game “Galligan’s Island” on Steam. That version was scrapped, however,
and a shorter, but more energetic version ended up on our latest EP
Computer Garden.

MS: I just came up with the lyrics one day while biking around South
Beach. I would stop, write, bike, stop, write. People have told me
I sound like Tekashi 69 on this song. Stop saying that.

Anyways, Frankie Valentine recorded my vocals out in Los Angeles. Originally,
there was this line: “If Donald Trump crosses my border, kick him out”,
which I changed to “I smoke, smoke, smoke decibels got that loud” since
people are snowflakes nowadays and easily offended.

fx: For the music video, I was browsing the Kero Kero Bonito subreddit,
which is one of my favorite bands and influences. I saw a post
showcasing a fan-made animation for the song “Sick Beat”. The video had
a very raw, but unique charm to it. Its bright colors and shifting
psychedelic landscapes made me love it instantly. I contacted Spencer
Xavier, the animator, let him choose one of our songs, and let him have
complete free reign in creating a music video for said song. He chose
“Boss Battle”. And the rest is history.

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Seizure Machine

Seizure Machine is a Miami based duo that makes rap music for weird people.