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South Florida Folk & Acoustic Music Festival Jams this Weekend

This article originally appeared in PureHoney Magazine. Check them out here.

It is always a stunner when South Floridians are reminded of their honky-tonk glory and the sweet, sweet music that creeps in between the commercial cacophony. We ain’t talkin’ ‘bout good old boys lost on Las Olas or legendary Florida Crackers of yore. We mean the annual South Florida Folk & Acoustic Music Festival, the crown jewel on the Broward Folk Club’s yearly programming of events.

The beekeepers got the moonshine out, ready to reminisce about the 100-year-old stomping grounds of Broward County’s beloved Bergeron Rodeo Grounds, and more importantly, the Folk Club’s dogged mission of promoting folk and acoustic platforms for a local community of musicians and music lovers.

Simply put, there is no better venue to display the robust schedule of contemporary folk, jazz, bluegrass, Americana, ethnic folk, and rock music. This year’s festival will showcase Florida-based artists, as well as national and international acts, artist-led workshops, singer-songwriter competitions, jams, arts and crafts, food vendors, camping, and raffles.

Local duo Ron and Bari Litschuaer, troubadour Tucker Ronzetti, velvet-voiced Toney Rocks, legendary Americana whiz and seasoned wise-ass Bob Lind, international-flavored Kuyayky, multi-instrumentalist Dave Nachmanoff, among many others, will be joined by a handful of singer-songwriter finalists from the Folk Club’s recent meetups.

Most importantly, the festival’s Friday night opening soiree will feature the must-see, up-and-coming talents of youth musicians Nina Marie, Cristina de la Rosa and Ashra Hunt.

Attendees who get in the mood can join the fun and perform one or two songs before the youths take the stage since the Folk Club’s vision of community-building would be for naught if the door were not wide open for all. Instruments are also welcome as the jam session will take place for five hours daily, on Saturday and Sunday.

Dust off that cowboy hat, tune the gee-tar, get a pluckin’ on them banjo strings, as first week of February is usually the nicest weatherwise and perfect for letting that fine music whisk you away.

The South Florida Folk & Acoustic Music Festival runs Friday-Sunday, February 2-4 at the Bergeron Rodeo Grounds in Davie.

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