“Suffs” the Broadway Musical Review

Imagine you’re in PR for film and / or theater, looking for a blurb to pull (probably out of context) to promote your new (or fledgling) show. Stressed out, tired eyes on the lookout for that Google News alert for a Suffs Broadway review.

Well, when it comes to Suffs, your job is pretty easy. Suffs is an abbreviation for those who were part of the women’s suffrage movement. Suffs, the play on Broadway, will get your vote and it won’t take as long.

Name a superlative for Suffs and it applies: a blockbuster, a smash-hit, superb, brings-down-the-house, everything you want and expect from a Broadway play, timely and relevant, moving, wildly entertaining, and so on.

For the record, and this is a heavy indicator, and because you can bet on everything these days, Suffs is currently the heavy favorite to win Best Musical. Look at the odds for yourself.

Suffs Broadway review

Suffs, the new musical chronicling the plight of the woman’s suffrage movement, truly does have everything you could want from a play. Twenty-three (all female actors) and 33 songs create a wide ranging narrative filled with plots, subplots, and narrative threads crisscrossing only to be tied together with neat bows.

There’s drama, comedy, tragedy and heart wrenching teary eyed warmth. (Not a dry eye in the house with “A Letter from Harry’s Mother”).  The play is filled with historical accuracy. It will educate, entertain and maintain / command your attention throughout.  The acting is phenomenal. The book is sensational. As is the directing and choreography.  This play earned all of its six Tony nominations and could have received more, especially in the Featured Actress category.

Even though the production was delayed because of Covid, (2020 would have been the 100th anniversary of of the 19th Amendment) the play is more relevant than ever.  We are in an election year, a very important election year. More women vote than men, more women are registered than men, and this play just rings of hope, perseverance, scope and timeliness.

We could not recommend Suffs more highly.

Suffs is now playing at the very comfortable..


239 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036



About The Jitney

The Jitney is in New York City writing short reviews of plays that were recently nominated for Tony Awards. The musical Suffs is nominated for 6 Tony Awards, including Best Musical, Book, Director and Featured Actress.

side notes —

We had to look at the Playbill hard. Between the cast, understudies, director, writer and orchestra — over 60 people– there is only male in this production, and that is in the orchestra, on 2nd Reed. It is also interesting to note that men handle makeup, hair, scenic and costume design.

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