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Sustain/Decay Fest Brings the Drone

Are you living in an endless cycle of work, poor sleep, and sameness so mundane you occasionally consider slipping your car off the road into the sweet embrace of death? Do you seek an experience that will make life worth living again? Do you crave human interaction in a form other than being beeped at continuously in traffic? If so, look no further than Vidium’s Sustain/Decay Fest. Nothing like the overly-amped festivals you may be used to, this event bills itself as a “meditative experience.“

The event intends to explore the progressive musical subgenre of drone. Boasting a lengthy list of talent, local and otherwise, each musical act is to showcase an hour-long set over the events three days starting October 18th at 5pm. The genre is one of sustained notes or sounds, called drones.

Attendees are invited to bring their own sleeping bags and supplies to stay overnight in the event space, downtown Miami’s 777 International Mall. It will be interesting to see artists from genres as far-reaching as harsh noise display their drone interpretation. With can’t miss performances from Cumscum, Two Coin, Phantasman, and many more, the meticulously prepared Sustain/Decay promises to be an incredible multi-night experience. For locals, the event promises to be a welcome change of pace.

Vendors, art installations, and musical musings have all been arranged to ensure attendees are comfortable and thoroughly entertained.

As with any event organized by the brothers Vidium, you can expect a well thought out, perfectly timed show with both musical and visual components. As true professionals at their craft, we have Eddy and Greg Alvarez to thank for this and all the best, most unique, and exciting events in South Florida. They are true kings of curation and should be honored as such.

Tickets for the three-day event can be purchased here. You are also welcome to view the event page here for full line-up and event information.

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