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SZA in Miami grade : B –

SZA launched the third leg of  her world tour in Miami on September 20th, 2003 on a hot, humid, night to a fully sold out crowd that was BEYOND excited. The crowd, about 75% to 80% female, age range 15 to 23, on average. She came on about 30 minutes late, at 9:30pm at the Kesaysa Center in Downtown Miami.

It was a dope show but it wasn’t all that.

Our conclusion is what’s up???

SZA in Miami

The crowd was mad electric and so excited before SZA came on.

Crowd was screaming to tracks the DJ was playing.

SZA came on, the crowd went bananas like ballistic.

20,000 people yelling with pure banshee energy. Energy was sick throughout the night.

SZA looked amazing and sounded sultry like she does.

The set design was very Broadway-esque, throughout the night. Think there were about four different set design  & costume changes,  all around the theme of nautical vibes. She’s on her SOS  (like help I’m in danger) tour so water is the vibe.

SZA played often with a live bad and often with four dancers beyond her.

She played over 30 songs in a 90 minute set.

Towards the end the show, in the third act, she was elevated above ground singing songs.

Moving around the arena singing on a orange life boat.

And then she came back and closed the show back on stage.

(set list to follow on bottom of post)

The most positive aspect of the show was that the crowd really, really enjoyed it.


Something was off. Not sure what or why.

Starting with the delay in the start time, about 30-minutes late.

We asked employees at Kaseya, she was supposed to go on at 9pm.

Fine. Whatever. It’s Miami time, we are used to it.

But everything felt off. Maybe they are rusty, fine.

But maybe this is just what the show is.

The vibe definitely tried to be Broadway-esque — big production.

Think they were just rusty. The choreography was not always in sync with SZA.

The sound wasn’t great and at times they used pre-recorded sound.

SZA is an amazing singer and artist and storyteller, her live show, at least in Miami didn’t show anywhere the quality of her tracks on YouTube, which are cinematic.

The show was a little flat. And felt rushed at the end.

But the crowd loved it, which honestly that’s all that matters.

Or does it?



f**k me for writing negative thing about SZA but somethin was off..


SZA Miami Setlist

– “PSA”
– “Seek & Destroy”
– “Notice Me”
– “Conceited”
– “Love Galore”
– “Broken Clocks”
– “Forgiveless”
– “Used”
– “Bag Lady”
– “Ghost in the Machine”
– “Blind”
– “Shirt”
– “Smoking on My Ex Pack”
– “All the Stars”
– “Prom”
– “Normal Girl”
– “Garden (Say It Like Dat)”
– “F2F”
– “Drew Barrymore”
– “Doves in the Wind”
– “Low”
– “Lifeboat”
– “Open Arms”
– “Supermodel”/”Special”
– “Nobody Gets Me”
– “Gone Girl”
– “SOS”
– “Kiss Me More”
– “Love Language”
– “Snooze”
– “Kill Bill”
– “I Hate U”
– “The Weekend”

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