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The Blues Opera Live Celebrates Mother’s Day

Last year, I had the honor of performing my autobiographical, immersive theatre, one man show, The Blues Opera.

I did 71 shows for an audience of just 12 people, five days a week, in a duplex in Little Havana. The house was converted by a set designer, Li Milan, brought in by the show’s producers, Juggerknot Theatre, to look like the house I grew up in w my parents. Pictures of me growing up with them were everywhere and no detail was spared.

Mostly, The Blues Opera chronicled my mother’s battle with early onset Alzheimer’s, my father’s suicide, my journey as a caregiver, and my path to becoming a bluesman.

It was intense in many ways, to say the least. Many folks were deeply moved and some straight up got triggered and had to leave. It was too much.

This Mother’s Day will be different. On Sunday, May 14th, I’ve decided to do just a one-off show to celebrate my mother and her life primarily outside of Alzheimer’s and its impact on my family.

She was an amazing woman, an art gallery owner, a feminist, and a hell of a mom. I thought this a good time to recognize and share that.

Not only all that, but I’ll be giving away about 100 pieces of unframed art left over from her gallery collection years ago.

They will be free (donations optional), to give to your mother, loved one, or hang on your wall. They have literally been in storage for years and I feel like they need to be enjoyed.

The venue will be Magic 13 Brewery in Little River. It is a beautiful venue with a gorgeous, tree covered, outdoor area and stage. Meat N’ Bone will be serving a special Mother’s Day three course meal & the beer at Magic 13 is delicious.

So bring your mother. If you’re a mother, bring your child. If you’re an adult orphan like myself, bring a friend or come alone. There’s connection points for everyone and it’s a show born out of love. For tickets click here.

Either way, have a Happy Mother’s Day.

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