The F*ckboy Chronicles: Amy Toruno ‘s Collection Explores Millennial Love

photo by Janessa Ochoa

The F*ckboy Chronicles is the debut compilation from Amy Toruno. It explores her journey through dating in the twenty-first century. Paying homage to her roots, the author leans on the fluency of her bilingual nature, yet never strays from the universal language of love – a style women of all ethnicities and ages can surely relate to.

In anticipation of her pending book launch, the Jitney caught up with Miami author Amy Toruno.

Amazing title. Can you please explain the conception of its name?

I was toying with a few names. I thought about The Men I’ve Loved but there is another book with a similar name. I thought of some names in Spanish, and although my book is bilingual, the majority of poems are in English. Then one day, while cooking, it just came to me! I dropped my knife and ran to my room to write it down. It scared me at first. Considering the giant F in the title, but no other title suits it better. I knew women of my generation could relate and would chuckle at the title.

Funny how book titles pop into our heads, like while cooking or in-a-dream. What are some themes prevalent in the book?

Themes? Of course, love. Lost love, unrequited love, toxic love, and some good love as well.

Good love, huh? Who or what inspired you to write this book? 

The men I’ve encountered in my life. It’s in chronological order since childhood to my last relationship. I’ve been hurt a lot in that department and writing is how I heal.

How many poems are in The F*ckboy Chronicles? Who published it?

I am self-publishing through Blurb. There are about 95 poems and 30 photographs.

Talk about process. How long did this take to put together? Did you workshop these poems.

It took about seven years to accumulate. Some poems were work-shopped at Miami Dade College with professor Michael Hettich  and some at The University of Iowa where I studied Theater and Writing. I also hired an editor before printing.

Talk about your literary influences.  

My biggest literary influence is Sandra Cisneros. She inspires me to write in both languages. There are no rules in poetry after all! I switch in and out quite often. I also really love Pablo Neruda,  Isabel Allende, Julio Cortázar, and Alejandra Pizarnik.

Talk about how Miami influenced this book. Or other settings..

Miami is where I grew up. Talk about poetry in Spanglish! that’s how we all talk here! Some of the relationships were also based here. I was also inspired heavily during my time in New York and Chicago.

What can we expect from the launch on July 17th? 

I will be explaining the reason I chose the flower on the cover. I’ll also read a few selected poems and sign some books! There is also wine and food available!

Amy Toruno & The F*uckboy Chronicles.


Tue, July 17, 2018

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

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6927 Biscayne Boulevard

Miami, FL 33138

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**Author photo by Janessa Ochoa


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