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The Curtains Close on the Era of the Great Excuse

Is anybody else feeling a bit nostalgic for those carefree days we can attribute to the latest pandemic?

I myself have lost all fortitude for creating believable/respectable excuses to avoid social obligations since for two years I had the go-to cop-out of “I don’t want to jeopardize your health or God forbid your life for my selfish reasons.” I’ve forgotten how I was able to seamlessly dodge people, places and things pre-Covid. So consequently, I have been making many new friends and even spear-heading events.  Perhaps all I needed was a two year break from dealing with people’s bullshit in order to gain steady ground.

I was advised to “paint the scene” to justify to you readers that this past two year era should be known as “The Great Excuse.” Although, I think that you all need no convincing for each one of us had the luxury of avoiding many unpleasant niceties throughout this period. But for prosperity’s sake, I will mention one such instance.

I recall being extended multiple requests for my attendance during those fleeting moments when the CDC announced Covid spread was on the down slope. “You can just wear a mask and stay six feet apart” I was told when I expressed concern for my fellow humans. “We are all getting together for Passover and don’t worry everyone will be tested for Covid”. My response would be, “Those tests are faulty, and I read that people are most contagious before results show positive. Plus, doesn’t your cousin have eczema? I don’t know if they would survive Covid! It’s not worth the risk.” And of course, the response was “You are right. Maybe next year.”

And here we are. No more excuses.

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