The Jitney Mixtape – Episode 3

I love listening to new music. It’s fascinating and daunting -an endless ocean of songs, melodies and lyrics to drown in day in and out.

Each week at Jitney we compile ten songs that we think are worth checking out with a few thoughts on the songs and writers. We’re open to most genres with a sweet spot for Miami and South Florida bands. Most tracks are a few weeks within release date but don’t hold it against me if I throw something a bit older for a well rounded playlist. 

Would you like to send your song as a submission? Send an email with a Soundcloud link to [email protected] for consideration. 

Check out Jitney’s Mixtape filled with summer jams. All these songs are newly released, independent and gigging near you! Please support these artists!

Kevin Coons – Can’t Shake

Great instrumentation on this track. Song keeps building and you think oh I’ve heard it all and then low and behold some new sound comes in and keeps you going. This gentleman resides in San Luis Obispo, California.

Las Nubes – Deposit Slip 

Killer melodies reminiscent of pop-punk bands from the 90s with sick air tight beats. It’s like you knew this song your entire life but never knew it. Great band, great tune, check out their latest album SMVT. A Miami shout out! Read more about Las Nubes here and here.

Timi Temple – Tomorrow Is Yesterday

One of the best parts of listening to music for me is the desire for making music while listening to great songs. The beat, vocals, melodies and lyrics on this track are pretty spot on and I’m living for that breakdown towards the end. Timi hails from Australia, what are those people eating for breakfast?!

Jaialai – County Line

The moodiness of this song is undeniable. Is it me or do you want to ride a horse at dawn? The parts of this song move fluidly into each other while being dynamic and effortless. Those vocal melodies resonate somewhere deep. Cool track from another amazing Miami band.   Read more about Jaialai here.

Hollie Col – Unholy

Hollie is pushing all our buttons. She also wants to pull all our heartstrings while she’s at it. This could seriously be a TV show theme song it’s so damn catchy. Let’s have a sleepover party!She’s from Sydney, Australia!

Hideous Sun Demon – Good Time

I can relate to the anxiety in this song, it’s also a lot of fun to singalong. You probably will have a good time at their show, I bet this band can party. Don’t tell me they’re from Australia! They’re just cranking out the jams over there.

Palomino Blond – Creature Natural

This sounds like something that would have been released on Dischord in 1998 and it’s a force to be reckoned with. Lot’s of power in this jam and there’s a video! I suggest you do your homework and check out the rest of their stuff. Four piece rock band from Miami, Florida.  They’re the band pictured at the top.

Velvet Starlings – Kids in Droves

The organ is a statement here, we’re going to sound ’60s but like stellar, no side hustle ’60s. That’s cool, I can get into because everyone in this band is rocking really hard. They’re gonna show you.

Max Blansjaar – Life’s Too Easy

This track is pretty much a good example of cute, sweet and things I like. I could never write anything like this, but I love when people make it. Subdued talking type vocals, fun production sounds and consistent melody throughout. This song is saying love me please and we’re like “let’s go on a picnic!”

Junaco – In Between

Ending this mixtape is a modern lullaby from LA duo Junaco. It’s carefree, breathy and stylish. The song takes its time to build and has a subtle melancholic Sunday vibe which makes me feel right at home. We are curious and want to know more about them. Their name reminds me of ’90s skater pants that will remain nameless.

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Oly is a voiceover artist, singer-songwriter, and cofounder of Public Works, an independent record label in Miami. She hosts a weekly "karaoke for music nerds" party at Gramps every Monday.