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The Jitney Mixtape – Episode 5

Hello internet! We are excited to be compiling a summer soundtrack for 2019 on Jitney. Each song has been meticulously picked for your pleasure. Listen and read our thoughts about it. Most of these artists are self-released (DIY), independent and touring, please support them!

 Yaehsun – Waterbaby

This track is an inviting, calm and waveless ocean that’s easy to float in and lose track of time. Waterbaby is effortlessly sexy and uplifting. We are intrigued by Jason Haberman’s smooth moves, keep an eye out on this Canadian songwriter.

Ashiyushi – travels

A laid back, silky and vibey song from Miami musician and multi-instrumentalist Ashiyushi (the artist pictured above). If this isn’t a summer soundtrack, I don’t know what is. Cool riffs and samples, we want to hear more, more, more.

Deep Sea Peach Tree – Glockcoma

It’s hard to come up with clever names and song titles especially when everyone is doing some ironic thing or another. I would be willing to wager that DSPT are charming stoners who like to gather around a campfire and sing together, maybe even write. Check out this NY band with a terrible name and a cool tune.

Carlo Barbacci – Has Anybody Seen My Soul?

Well, well, well, a chorus with just a bunch of la la la’s? I’m in! This is an easy to love track by Miamian Carlo Barbacci. It doesn’t hit your head over with overbearing guitars or melody, it’s just an understated existentialist song with all the right elements in place.

Drew Danbarry – 1996, For Luke Graham, Ryan Hibler And Aaron  

Can we call up Drew Danbarry and just give him props on this well executed track here? He’s on it! For fans of the Shins and beyond.

Kyle Emerson – I Can Change 

When I really like something it gives me this urgent feeling: “I have to do something right now!” What that something is depends but good music just moves you, hopefully in positive ways. Denver musician Kyle Emerson is motiving us and we want to follow him wherever he goes. Check out the music video!

Rachel Goodrich – The High Song

Singer-songwriter from Miami now based in LA, Goodrich, track is a subtle, sleeper hit. She takes the pulse of catchy hooks and has an ear for good production. Her strongest suit is her songwriting and accompanying vocal cadence. This track is a throwback with modern pop sensibility -relevant and fresh at the same time.

Black Beach Baby – All I Know 

Feeling flirty while getting ready to go out? Listen to this track. They’re a Swedish duet with a really easy to love chorus. Vocals are very 80s which we always enjoy.

Stray Fossa – Eyze 

And they say good things don’t come out of Charlottesville, Virginia! Apparently they have cool new inspiring bands. This is a must for fans of The Cure, I can hear The Forest all over this track in a good way.

Moon Palace – Bold 

Cool Indie rock self-released by Seattle twin sister duo. I’m always jealous of families who play music together because at times you can’t tell who’s playing or singing what. They have a deep connection, it’s in their blood and that mirrors in their musicality. At times when these sisters are singing they sound interchangeable in a hypnotic and surreal way, check it out.

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