The Jitney Mixtape – Episode 7

Hello Jitney readers. We’re at the tail end of our mixtape series! We hope you have enjoyed this as much as we have! Listening to new music is so so so exciting and fun. Each of these songs was meticulously picked for your listening pleasure and we really hope you find something new you haven’t heard. Read our thoughts and check out these artists who are mostly self-released (DIY), independent and touring. If you like what you hear please support them! Especially our extended Miami family!

Bed Scene – Day in a Dream

When we are listening to new music we aren’t always looking for someone to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes we want someone to find the best rubber, spokes, inner tubes and build a new wheel with the most reliable and sturdy parts. Bed Scene takes the best of current pop music and gives you what you want, catchiness, effervescence and great production. They hail from our home town of Miami (and is pictured above). For fans of Part Time and Neon Indian.

Gold Spectacles – Ask Twice 

This track is slick, fun and sassy. Get moody and sexy with bass lines and lyrics. Gold Spectacles are from the UK and are a musical songwriting duo.

Millionyoung – Together

Miami Indie-pop darling, Mike Diaz, is at it again. Somewhere in between sweet and delicate indie dance, soft and naive shoegaze lives Millionyoung. Expect great melodic structures and layered percussions, guitars and synths swirling around your head. This track is making us feel fuzzy and cute. Check out our interview with him earlier this year here

J.R. – Pal

Currently I’m obsessed with Courtney Bartnett and Jenny Lewis, and if you are too, well this will definitely grab your attention. Try not to dance in your underwear with the curtains pulled back, your neighbors might complain. J.R. is the moniker of Julianna Riolino and she’s from Canada, we are so excited to hear more.

David Vaters – Red Sea

We’re pumped about this Tom Petty-esque jammer. We know David Vater’s been around the block and it might be his hundredth rodeo but we’re a bunch of lawbreakers and we’ve got our hair pulled back and we’re ready for the ride. This is Americana at it’s best from a good ol’ Canadian boy.

Ronjo V – Find Me Out 

You know when you immediately like something and you’re freaking out because the thing you like gets better and better and suddenly you want to ask it to marry you? Well that’s how I feel about this song. Tell your friends, neighbors, moms, significant others about this one, it’s special.

Freedom Fry – David Bowie

This is what happens when a French and an American start a band, a flirty and fun track we can all appreciate. We love duets especially a romantic-musical one because we all know that’s a rough road, am I right? For fans of Coconut Records and Foxygen. Let’s look the other regarding the silly band name and not discuss.

Napoleon Gold – Love Don’t Cut Me Down (feat. Haiva ru) 

More French composers! It’s new dawn, a rock of ages! This will pick you up from your mood and get you in a groove kind of like if you smoked cigarettes. I don’t smoke nor do I condone but I imagine that this song is what that would feel like.

Voodoo Bandits – Ride The Wave

Lots of energy and excitement on new single from indie rock pop band from the Isle of Man. They’re coming out with a music video soon and playing shows all over the UK. Let’s cross our fingers they cross the Atlantic.

Side Saddle – Ink & Dirty Strings

Reminiscent of The Shins with more power chords or even the 90s band The Rentals with a bit of Weezer. Sweet and naive indie rock from Providence, Rhode Island.

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Oly is a voiceover artist, singer-songwriter, and cofounder of Public Works, an independent record label in Miami. She hosts a weekly "karaoke for music nerds" party at Gramps every Monday.