The Jitney Mixtape – Episode 8

We’re back for another round of mixtapes! Finding new music can be a treasure hunt, an adventure in a new universe of songs from artists you’ve possibly never heard before. It’s a rush to find out who, what, where and when especially when their DIY artists. Not a lot of information might exist and it can feel like detective work, looking for clues. 

Each of these songs has been meticulously picked for your listening pleasure, let us know if you hear something you love. Read our thoughts, artists quotes below and show support with a shout out or two. We don’t just make music, we’re fans too and we also try to keep a healthy representation of our Miami music community.

Unwed Sailor – Blitz


Although this artist failed to supply a quote about what song is about we will take it amongst ourselves to suggest this song is about rekindling with your BFF, jumping on your bed in a sleepover haze. Elegant 90s vibes. 

Glass Orange – Feel


From the artist, “I wrote “Feel” in the midst of quarantine, stressful global events, and the wake of an emotional break up. It’s a song I wrote for myself, and for those who are also ready for the light at the end of the tunnel.” Reveling in this new dreamy single by Miami based Melanie Cruz aka Glass Orange, produced by Firstworld. Can’t wait to hear more from this up and coming artist.

Mint Julep – A Rising Sun


While we weren’t able to get a quote from the artist the vibe is so relaxing on this track we’re not mad at it at all. While floating sounds about right you might also be able to to some yoga or meditating to this soothing tune. 

Oly – Trojan Heart


From the artist, “Originally I was writing this song about someone else’s relationship dissolution but soon realized it mirrored my own.” Why yes this is my song so it’s quite hard to give yourself air horns but being amongst all these other talented folks is props enough. Shout out to producers Rick Moon, Corey Perez and Public Works Records based in Miami, Florida. 

Millionyoung – Less


From the artist, “The song was written as a way of coping with trying times during the pandemic, but can apply to any situation where someone is waiting impatiently for things to improve.” Retro and fresh tune from Miam’s very own Mike Diaz aka Millionyoung. Bedroom dancing with disco lights encouraged. First single from upcoming EP Moments coming out on Pet Tapes April 2nd! 

Thala – Takemeanywhere


From the artist (who is pictured above): “Initially I’ve written “Takemeanywhere” thinking about how many people must be longing to go back in time, hoping they’d be able to change certain conversations or happenings of any kind for the better.” Thala is from Berlin and this song makes us feel nostalgic for all the things we could’ve, should’ve. Well done Thala, we’re feeling this shoegaze groove. 

Firstworld – Uie


From the artist, “Uie is actually just shorthand for “U-turn!” Another great single from Kris Alvarez the man behind Firstworld, based in Miami and now producing for artists under his new label Time Mind Records. Full length album coming soon! 

Highschool Jacob – Open Sickness


From the artist: “I wanted to write the angry breakup song where my ex was some crazy mean girl and make myself the victim, but in the end it was my fault. I couldn’t make her the bad guy no matter how hard I tried.” Oooh yeah we love when artists spill the tea about their songs. Always partial to songs about love and heartbreak so naturally this fits right in. 

Soft Streak – Never Call


From the artist; “This song is about a deteriorating friendship, realizing you don’t recognize your friend anymore, and reflecting on whether or not that relationship is really healthy to try keep preserving.” Phasing guitars never sounded so good to us! Nevermind that this is an undercover 70s throwback with 2020 vision. Definitely for fans of Weyes Blood. 

TOLEDO – Sunday Funday


From the artist: “Sunday Funday is about being there for someone, despite being in over your head. Specifically, the song deals with alcoholism in a family and the discomfort that comes with navigating around it.” This track reminds me of a low key male Phoebe Bridgers, super chill and indeed perfect for a Sunday. 

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Oly is a voiceover artist, singer-songwriter, and cofounder of Public Works, an independent record label in Miami. She hosts a weekly "karaoke for music nerds" party at Gramps every Monday.