Three Poems about Miami

Eating Stone Crabs at Joe’s

That’s so Miami, eating stone crabs at Joe’s;
Snowbirds arrive and the traffic slows.

Espadrilles and a cotton sundress;
rain showers lasting five minutes or less.

Sidewalk art shows, Coconut Grove;
loomers hawking rugs they wove.

Miami Dade, UM, FIU;
the Dolphins to their colors stay true.

Naming new hurricane storms?
shuttered windows are the norm.

Excellent plays at GableStage;
dinner at Shula’s—still the rage.

Summer humidity gives no relief;
head to the keys and a coral reef.

South Beach parades diverse humanity;
surf or water ski; preserve your sanity.

Small aircraft at Tamami-
That, too, is so Miami.

Store Windows Boarded Up

Litter on the sidewalks, empty beer cans,
A broken bike parked morosely against a tree.
A dream not deferred, but totally forgotten.
Hope given up for dead.

Coral Gables counterpart
boasts manicured lawns and sports cars in the driveways.
Kids walk to school in new shoes and clean clothes.
High expectations, loudly demanding to be met.

Two inhabitants of the same city
like room-mates who come to college
from different corners of the world,
anticipating harmony and friendship.
Whose world will rub off on the other?

Feast on, Miami

That’s so Miami, a feast of what’s here:
Skateboards, parties, friends gathered near.

They come from London for tequila and rum,
hoping to catch some rays from the sun.

Oliver’s,  Shorty’s, and Seasons 52,
serve up a taste of Miami for you.

Brazilian barbeque and Taco Bell
Make Cariocas y Mexicanos welcome, as well.

Media noche at any hour; Blue Martini at night;
Outback’s Blooming Onions taste just right.

As you crave the melting pot flavor
And memories you hope to savor,

It’s lush and wondrous, like green eggs and “hamm-y”
Whatever you eat here, That’s so Miami!

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Ricki Dorn

Ricki Dorn (Rita Fidler Dorn): former news reporter, retired college professor, writing workshop facilitator, passionate poet (published), word game addict & creator, long time South Floridian. Loves to play with words!