Ultra Music Fest on Key Biscayne’s Virginia Key Smart Move

First off, we love the Ultra Music Festival and have been writing about it for fifteen years. It’s a Miami phenomena –how they’ve been able to grow this local EDM event into a worldwide brand. However, lately, we’ve been against the Ultra Music Festival staying downtown. The downtown corridor simply outgrew the festival, which is a good thing.

Ultra Music Festival on Key Biscayne Smart Move

Moving Ultra to Virginia Key is the smart play. There are no residents to bother with loud music and lights. The park is super isolated and much bigger than Bayfront Park. Other than traffic for Key Biscayne residents, which they will regulate hardcore, there are no real problems.

Some local opponents of Ultra moving to Virginia Key cite environmental factors. But that’s not valid. There are so many music events already thrown on the Key. The people who will face hardships with this deal include small local festivals, such as the Grassroots festival or Love Burn, two tiny festivals that were both losing money.

The Ultra Music Festival in Key Biscayne will make money. It will make tons of money. Millions for the city of Miami. Millions for Key Biscayne. You think for one second Key Biscayne would allow this to happen if they didn’t realize how good of a business decision this is.

It will be crazy for one weekend. The rest of the time setting up and breaking down might close the park for other events, but it’s not even a risk, it’s a no brainer. There will be more peace on Key Biscayne for residents because there will be less events and more money. This is a good deal.

Ultra Music Festival Preview Video

Ultra Music Festival press release

Ultra Music Festival has announced its indefinite new home ahead of the monumental 21st edition, theHistoric Virginia Key Beach Park and Miami Marine Stadium Flex Park. The world-renowned and internationally acclaimed event provided the message below, in a long-awaited statement to its fans

New Additions to Ultra Music Festival

The new venue will permit an extended operating time until 2:00 A.M. and will provide the festival with an increased capacity. Attendees will also have vastly expanded space as compared to the former venue, Bayfront Park. Fans will also experience in-tandem staging at both the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park and Miami Marine Stadium Flex Park, creating a wholly unique single event space.

Additionally the partnership will clear a path to accessing approximately $20 million that has been earmarked to build Miami-Dade County’s first African American Museum.

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