Voices Beyond Borders Art Foundation Ignites Change

A new beacon of hope for underrepresented voices emerges in Miami as film directors Xavier Manrique and Felipe Torres Urso announce the launch of “Voices Beyond Borders Art Foundation,” a non-profit dedicated to fostering cultural understanding and advocating for social change through art.

Co-founders Manrique and Torres Urso, both with Nicaraguan heritage and from families of political refugees, blend their renowned cinematic storytelling with a mission to elevate Latin American narratives and immigrant experiences. With the cinematic arts as their medium, they are committed to challenging the status quo and sparking dialogue that transcends borders.

Their impetus for founding Voices Beyond Borders is underscored by a recent USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative report. As lead author Ariana Case points out, “There is a clear and persistent lack of stories that center on Hispanic/Latino actors and the Hispanic/Latino experience.” The foundation seeks to remedy this by shining a light on Latin America’s rich cultural tapestry through poignant films and vibrant art.

In its ambitious inaugural year, the foundation will produce socially impactful films, curate art exhibitions, and conduct community outreach—each initiative carefully crafted to examine and share the layered stories of Latin American immigration. Highlighting the commitment to uplift local Latin voices, Miami will host the inaugural Voices Beyond Borders Film Festival in early 2024, accompanied by a comprehensive mentorship program for burgeoning Latin artists.

Manrique and Torres Urso, both with extensive backgrounds in film and a shared passion for social advocacy, bring a unique vision to the Coconut Grove community where they met and united for this cause.

“Through Voices Beyond Borders,

we’re not just creating art, we’re fostering a movement that empowers and celebrates the diversity of Latin voices,” shares Xavier Manrique.

Felipe Torres Urso adds, “It’s about time we turn the lens towards stories that resonate with our own experiences. Our foundation is the stage for these narratives to unfold, challenging perceptions and inspiring change.”

With this launch, Voices Beyond Borders Art Foundation invites supporters, artists, and community leaders to join them in championing the voices that have long awaited their spotlight.

For more information about the foundation and upcoming events, or to learn how you can support their mission, please visit www.voicesbeyondborders.org.

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