Working Out with a Band at Flamingo Park

Mr. Skeptical and I are at Flamingo Park. I want to show how one band can help one get a much better workout.

The Flamingo Park fitness zone has machines that use one’s body weight to assist in getting a resistance workout. However, the resistance is often not enough for someone fit. This is where a band comes in handy.

I’m doing a shoulder press in the pic above, but it’s not enough resistance. However, in the pic below, I added a band, which increases the resistance, making for a much better workout.

Mr. Skeptical laughs, “You look like your straining, sitting on a toilet.”

I pretend I don’t hear his rude comment.

I’m using my body weight for a leg-press-type, however,  it’s not enough resistance. A band is added, and good resistance is reached in the picture below.

There’s a seat to do a dip, but it’s not enough weight for me.

I figured out how to add the band to increase resistance, but it still wasn’t enough.

Mr. Skeptical adds, “You look like an idiot trying to figure out ways to add the band to create resistance. Others look at you funny.”

I give Mr. Skeptical a stern look and add, “Franky, I don’t give a damn what you or anyone else at the park thinks.”

I’m doing a pull-in row. Not enough. Below, I add the band and get much better resistance.

I felt one machine was worthless. It’s supposed to work out the critical hip muscles, yet there’s no tension.

To create resistance, I place the band between my feet. This works, making my hip muscles get a much better workout.

In the pic below, I don’t need a band to do pull-ups. But a band can make it much easier if someone finds them challenging.

Out of the different exercises I covered today, the band helped create more and better resistance in five of the six exercises. That makes bringing a band to the fitness zone at Flamingo Park worth it.

Mr. Skeptical gives me a dirty look. “Not for me. I think using bands is for wimps.”

I glare at Mr. Skeptical and add, “Whether you think it’s wimpy doesn’t matter. It still makes the workout better because more tension is added.”

He walks away with a snobbish look on his face. “I wouldn’t bother working out at a fitness zone anyway. I want the weights. Besides, there were a bunch of old people there.”

I fire back, “We’re all getting older, not younger. Have a little respect for the elderly, jerk.”

He continues to walk away but gives me the finger while doing so.

In conclusion, respect older adults realize we’re all headed in that direction. Although Mr. Skeptical never seems to age!

Adding a band to the machines can make a big difference if you live near a park with a fitness zone.

Be aware.

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Hermann Diehl

Hermann was a chiropractor for 22 years. Now a personal trainer and writer, see his newsletter at