Yung Wylin on Playing Afro-Carib Fest in Miramar

Yung Wylin moved to South Florida as a teenager back in 2013. For the last few years he’s been drawing on a hodgepodge of musical influences to put out positive messages.

This February 25th, Yung Wylin will be playing at Afro-Carib Fest along with reggae singer Koffee and afropop artist Tekno. Before his gig Yung Wylin hopped on to the Jitney to answer some of our questions.

How did you get involved with playing at Afro-Carib Fest?

Yung Wylin: After releasing my new single “Good Energy” I had local fans reach out to me saying this would be a great song and message for the Afro Carib Festival Miramar. Being a resident of Miramar, we reached out to the City of Miramar and submitted the song and my bio. I received the call to be a part of this amazing community event and it was truly an honor and I’m grateful. I am looking forward to bringing good energy to my community and everyone having a great time.

What can people expect from a Yung Wylin set?

You can expect positive, uplifting vibes with my dancers who have been working consistently and also looking forward to being a part of this event.

How do you prepare for a set?

I rehearse at home and in the studio when my dancers are performing with me. We always pray before taking the stage.

Who else are you excited to see at Afro-Carib Fest?

I’m excited to meet all the other artists performing and seeing all of the people who come out and come together through the energy of amazing music and good vibes.

What is some Afro-Carib music you enjoy listening to? What makes their sounds special?

To name a few Burna Boy, Wizkid, and Rema. The melodies and the lingo make their sounds unique.

What else can we expect from Yung Wylin in 2023?

Creating new music that has a positive impact on people, touring, collaborating with other artists and continuing to spread positive messages. Building a brand is important to me on how my music will have an impact on people.  Working on releasing merch soon.

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